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Hey everyone, 

Sorry for the lack of updates. I moved to Sweden in the middle of the year for work and have been super busy with that. Good news is I will be taking a nice long christmas break and returning to Vancouver to relax and most likely edit photos in the downtime. I plan to upload some photos from a Danish con I visited this year as well as some older photos I've been holding on to. I'm also likely to take many more photos with :iconjj-dreamworldz: :icontwinfools: :iconvandorwolf: :iconvaldrein: :iconmavichaos: and others.

I know lots of cosplayers and photographers have moved to facebook but I don't think I'll be doing that as there's no real compelling reason to at this point. I always have DA open on a browser window though, so I do check my page pretty frequently. 
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Believe it or not I'm still around DA. Don't let the lack of pictures fool you - you should be looking at the "Photos I've Taken" section as most of the time the people I take photos for put them on their own DA pages and I just fave em. From time to time I do upload a picture or two to my account. 
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Since this year's Sakuracon is kinda Sword Art Online themed (writer, staff, singer for opening and endings putting on concert etc) I'm hoping there will be some quality SAO cosplays at SC. I'm going to walk around and hopefully find some, but if you mysterious DA people know of someone or are friends with some pro SAO cosplayers point me in their direction as I want to take their photos.

That's about it. Con is in 2 weeks. May just stalk :iconispeakmuffin: and take candid photos of her the entire con.
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So I did end up going to ECCC for 2.5 days - big thanks to :iconjj-dreamworldz:'s mom for letting me use her pass when she wasn't making use of it herself. While I don't have too much interest in the world of comics a couple things did catch my eye and I got to hang out with :iconkenshiro-fdp:, :icontwinfools:, :iconvandorwolf:, :iconkolibri-chan:  and take pics so it was a weekend well spent. I'll be uploading some of my pics to DA after :jj-dreamworldz: has put hers up otherwise she'd drive back down and strangle me.

Up next - Sakuracon! And it's like 3 weeks away!! I don't plan on having anything to cosplay to it and there won't be a big group of us going this year - only :icontwinfools: and :iconvandorwolf: are going from FDP - but I'll be with my fellow photog Marmbo taking photos as usual. No Final Fantasy Fight Tournament this year but we'll be making an announcement about where it will appear next soon.

Also, I try this every year with no success, but if you've got an awesome costume and you're going to Sakuracon let me know so I can get some photos of it!

Stay tuned for new photos.
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Having a journal from October is silly. It's February. Spring time.

Photos from (maybe?) ECCC / Sakuracon soon.
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Bah, everyone's doing one so I'll jump off the bridge too. Nothing much to say, I'll be around taking pictures, playing judgemental eye and running the tech side of the Fantasy Fight Tournament as usual. If you see me (and actually know who I am) say hi. If you met me years ago in a different cosplay than what you're wearing there's a good chance I won't remember you so don't ask if I remember your name. Cause I won't. And I won't be embarrassed about it. It'll just be kinda awkward. Then I'll walk away or maybe I'll stare. Or maybe I'll exclaim "OH MY GOD IS THAT TWINFOOLS!?" and run. Decisions decisions. Oh, and no cosplay this time.
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Last few months have been very busy and I've neglected both photography and DA. It's because I've left the motherland and moved to 'murica. Only a couple hours south of Vancouver though but even a "small" move like that requires a lot of work. Anyway, I've done some photography over the past few weekend and I'll have some new stuff soon. As always, be sure to look under my "Pics I've Taken" area as thats usually the first place my new photos appear (people who I take photos for generally upload before me).
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11 days away... Sure crept up quickly this year. Cosplay plans? None... unfortunately it's not something I can justify the cost of right now. I am trying to put something casual together but I haven't had any luck yet. It'd suck to show up to the con with nothing so I at least want to try and figure something out. The upside is that I'll have lots of time for photos so if you're going to the convention try and find me and I can take your photo. Bonus if you actually cosplay a series i know of or read... if you ask me to take pics of your kuroshitsuji group I'll have no idea who does what etc.

Any of my DA followers / (lurkers) going? Tell me of your cosplay plans!
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Lack of updates - bleh. I've been busy. Sakuracon is a month away... I think it'll be my 7th year attending. Pictures shall be had. I did some non-cosplay photos recently with some friends so you may see one of those uploaded in the coming days. Other than that I hadn't had much time for photography recently. Hopefully that will change soon - we'll see.

I could also upload old photos... is there anything in particular people want more of?
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First off, wooooooooo! I got a daily deviation for my 7 of 9 photos I took! is the model, but I don't think she really uses her DA anymore, so you should go to her page if you want to get in contact with her (or apparently send her creepy messages like some people tend to do haha...). Without her awesome costume skills there would be no picture so a big thanks to her! If you like her costumes you should also send her a message telling her XD

Aside from that... well, there isn't much. Planning for next year's convention season is underway. Since I don't remember if we've revealed our Sakuracon group costume plan yet I won't say anything, but I have a *lot* of characters in the series I could cosplay, so I need to settle on one sooner rather than later. Aside from the group cosplay I don't really have any plans so If anyone has suggestions I'm all ears. Do note though that since I'm a staff photographer I do need to spend most of my time taking photos, so if the costume is easy and unobtrusive it's much more likely I'll do it. Photography related is a bonus, though don't suggest Saiga from speed grapher - I did him for my first year at Sakuracon and *nobody* knew who i was haha.

As for other plans I do have an idea for a video that's been in the planning stage for a while. Can't really say much about it other than it requires snow.
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Bah I'm late with the Aki con journal update. Everyone else has done theirs. Bah again! I'm going to be lazy and copy the method others used just listing things by bullet point.

- Encounter with Sarah Palin's red Toyota of death on the drive down.
- Meeting a fan of mine on the first day (wow i have fans?!) and taking her picture.
- Realizing I didn't get her contact info and have no way of sending her said picture.
- Getting :iconpiggynukka: hooked on ketchup chips
- The formation of the MLP singing triplet much to our 4th roommate's horror
- She's an evil enchantress... and she does evil dances... and if you look into her eyes... she'll put you in trances!
- Last minute Kaiji night time photo shoot of manly lemon tears
- Random parking lot super hero sasuke and naruto photos. "Stand on that pole and look dynamic!"
- Overflowing toilet and shittywater towels. 6 calls to room service to understand we needed the shitty towels taken away.
- Confrontational Italian repair man who looked 3 feet above my head at all times. Don't poke me in the eye with your chin bro.
- MLP Photoshoot~~~
- Red scout tree climbing adventure
- Azteca... the two amigos which were conquered on the 2nd day
- American supermarkets full of alcohol, getting carded by someone half my height.
- American pizza the size of a manhole cover
- Magical stream behind the hotel
- Dead hobo cave near magical stream behind hotel
- Butterbeer recipie, super tasty, obtained!
- The part of scott pilgrim I should read is volume 3 to 6 which really goes in depth about scott and ramona's relationship.
- "3 rum and cokes is one rum and coke too many" - not my words
- Slightly awkward photos with :iconheimdallll: and :iconvaldrein: but not as awkward as a previous photo shoot...
- Running the Final Fantasy Fight tournament

Haven't got consensus on "the phrase of the con", i'm going to tentatively leave it with "She's an evil enchantress and she does evil dances" because I think that came up every 15 minutes or so haha.

Much fun was had and photographic evidence will be posted sporadically over the coming weeks.
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Yaay for updates. Here are some short form updates because paragraphs aren't usually read...

- 100k views getto~ 7-of-9 provided
- Kinda ran out of newer photos to upload, will look to the past to see if old ones are re-editable with new skills
- Upcoming photoshoot schedule is blank cept for non-cosplay personal photos that won't find their way on DA :D
     - (Adding to above) If you're a really awesome cosplayer in the Vancouver area perhaps send DA PM? Sorry but "closet cosplayers" need not apply)
- I've been working lots of OT at work which should wrap up soon (yaay free time!)
- Bro-con is coming up soon, I cannot wait. Sex robot may make an appearance (
- Trying to watch some new anime, so far steins;gate has put me to sleep with nonsensical story.


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Just noticed I'm close to the 100k mark. If someone manages to get it... uh, I'll do something. I dunno, Maybe you can choose a series that I've taken photos of before and I can post from it. Might be tricky but I feel I should do *something* to celebrate this milestone. If not I'll just post a cool 100k photo.
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Bleh, I have a horrible track record for updating DA heh. Same with uploading photos. Well, mainly because I put them up and the person IN the photo posts it to their DA. So for those who don't follow other FDP members you may wonder if I even still take photos - don't worry, I do.

Sakuracon was enjoyable as ever this year. If I were to write a breakdown it would be...

Hotel Room
Convention (Taking photos)
Hotel Room
Convention (Taking Photos)
Convention (Free time WTF IS THIS?)
Hotel Room

As it happens every year I did get to cosplay a bit and my "big" costume was Saturday and I must say :iconjj-dreamworldz: did an amazing amazing job on it (with help from her mom and :iconkolibri-chan:. I really regret not being able to wear it around the convention more but Sakuracon is a working convention for me and adding to that was the last minute A/V burden for the Final Fantasy Fight Tournament I had to deal with which scrapped my plans to wear the costume on Sunday to the event.

Looking forward I have a few photo shoots coming up which will provide some photos to post, and I think I will try to post some favorites from the convention this year however as of 2am last night it looked like light room had eaten some photos from the convention so I'm running a recovery program on my memory cards to see if they're still retrievable.

A couple people did recognize me at the convention but said they never check their DA pages, but if by chance they do a *wave* to them :D. If you saw me but didn't say hi that's ok, but as long as I'm not busy running around doing photos it's nice to talk with new people.

That's all for now, stay tuned for photos.
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So last night I finished editing a series of photos I did with :icono0arwen0o: and decided to play a quick game of LoL with a friend. Once finished I go to post the photos to my website when my server dies. This is the 2nd time it's happened in the past month and last time required a reformat but I didn't lose any data. Welp, it's beginning to look like the main drive in the server (samsung) is faulty as it boots but freezes immediately.

My face: =_=

So photos are delayed again until I get this fixed. I have pretty much everything on the server so It's gonna take a while to recover and reinstall.
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Quick update.

- Aki-con (brocon) was awesome. Looking forward to photos at sakura-con with new friends.
- My costume didn't entirely work out and I may try it again at a later date (when I know what I'm doing with armor). Thanks to :iconvandorwolf: for making parts for it and lending me wigs etc.
- Work continues to keep me occupied.
- Playing video games again / Trolling people in AC: Brotherhood
- Planning quick Christmas costume. How good it will be? Unknown heh.

Also, I'm going to look through photos and put a few up. For those who bother to read this, which series do you want to see photos from? You can look through my previous photos to see what I might have available.

That's all for now.

Edit: I haven't forgotten about uploading some new photos, but unfortunately I'm having problems with my server and as such I can't access any of my photos. I'm hoping to have the problem fixed when a part arrives (this week / next week)
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*clears cobwebs*

I'm still alive, though busy at work. So busy. Weekends are rarely spent taking photos, but more sleeping in, doing things, coming home, sleeping some more... and yeah. I've also had a nasty cold this week, but I am all but recovered thanks to the earl of grey.

So while I haven't taken too many photos there HAVE been a few which you can see on the usual suspects' DA pages (Usual suspects = :icontwinfools:, :iconvandorwolf:, :iconkenshiro-fdp:, :iconvaldrein:). I did attend a photoshoot at sfu but didn't really get much from it unfortunately, a couple snaps that the gang can use for facebook / twitter and whatnot.

Coming up is halloween and Aki-con. My planned costume has been cancelled (2nd year, same costume) due to lack of time and $$$ as when I got around to researching the material costs... uh.. yeah, too much. I have a backup costume that's less complex due to reduced size but more complex due to increase of pieces. I'm going to try experimenting with materials this weekend, who knows what might happen. I need to get it in shape for my companies costume contest (won last year with massive help from :iconvaldrein: and the "i'm out of thread :(" oogie boogie). I'm totally not (read: totally am) gonna need her help with this one too, but with fabric only, and easy fabric too! We'll see how it goes.

As for photos here, ugh, I'll look through some old ones when i have time and see if there's something I like enough to post. I'm sure there is, but the mood must strike me.

Potential update in a few weeks.
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Whoops! Looks like I missed by monthly journal update by... a month. Errrr, well at least I posted some pictures. To those who watch my account - my apologies that I'm not more interesting! :D

The past two months have been really busy at work and only recently have I been able to spare the time for weekend photos with friends. Me and :icontwinfools:, :iconvandorwolf:, :iconmavichaos: and :iconvaldrein: filmed a video and posted it under the FDP account the other weekend, the first video we had done in more than a year. We all felt bad we hadn't done more and we have brainstormed some ideas that we'll no doubt film once the convention has passed.

As for the convention, I had a few ideas for cosplays but due to practicality reasons I've scaled back to one, potentially two costumes - the second being a special one for the panel I'm doing with :iconvaldrein: though I'll have to bribe her to help me with it.

As for my main cosplay... err, I think I'll keep it a secret for now. It's from a popular show and may have been leaked by twin or nova in their cosplay plan journals, but since I cosplay so infrequently I'd rather know it turned out well and boast about it than post about it beforehand and have it bomb. Thankfully it's pretty straightforward and twin is acting as wigmaster for me so I think it'll be good.

Aside from that I'll be on the lookout for awesome cosplays at AE and stealing willing participants for a few photos. Please also look for me co-running the Final Fantasy Fight tournament with :iconkenshiro-fdp: and :iconrifa: on Saturday and another panel with :iconvaldrein: on... another day (I don't know details I'm there to be judgmental!!! :D)

That's it for now... there's potential for one or two more photos before the con but look for lots after.
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So for a week or two now I haven't been able to get on Deviantart due to a problem with my ISP. Thankfully it's fixed now. Things have been busy for me at work, so I haven't had too much time for photos, though I am trying to coordinate with some people before they leave the country / go to American conventions. So many schedules!

In the meantime I'm going to go back and look through my photos and see if there are any post-able ones here on DA... I'll no doubt find a few.

I also have one Cosplay in progress for AE. I may do an early reveal depending on when it's ready.
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Quick update. I'm pretty busy with my server building, work and trying to get everything copied over. I took close to 2000 photos at SC, and about 1/4 of those should be random cosplay photos. I'll be putting them up on my site per usual, and working on a few to post here. Be on the look out for a photo one of my fav costumes from the con - Zayaspif's Dark Sabre from Fate/stay.

Also, I should hit 70,000 pageviews sometime this week. I'm not good with kiribans but I'll make an effort to post something for my watchers :)
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